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If you’re looking for a challenge the Tararua Forest Park has it all. The hunting is plentiful, the fishing is fantastic and the scenery is some of the best New Zealand has to offer. 

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Department of Conservation Land

We do not issue D.O.C hunting permits for either the Tararua or Rimutaka Forest Parks, these are available from any local D.O.C office. We are permitted to land inside the remote experience zone plus some other approved sites outside the remote experience, this information is available on contacting our office.

Hut Fees

Hut tickets are $5.00 per night per person, School children are half price, children under eleven are at no charge, there is no overnight charge for bivvies, Category 2 Huts = 2 tickets per person, Category 3 huts = 1 ticket per person. We can provide hut tickets and DOC rubbish bags. DOC does not run a booking system for the huts, "first in first served". If you have purchased hut tickets, fishing licenses or hunting permits elsewhere have them ready to show your Pilot. Revenue from hut tickets is used to maintain the huts. We are not permitted to fly chain saws or spot lights. Everything that goes in must come out. Huts must be left tidy with a dry supply of firewood and free of all rubbish.


Cell phone coverage is good in alpine areas, please ensure your batteries are charged and limit your use as you may require your phone in an emergency. Mountain radio service is available.

Helicopter Loading Capacity

MAX LOAD 400kgs

2 Passengers

  • Both have a front seat
  • Plenty of space in the back for gear

3 Passengers

  • Two in front and one in back.
  • One pack or dive bag each.
  • One rifle each.
  • One box of food each.
  • Gas cooker and 1 tent.

4 Passengers

  • Two in front and two in the back.
  • One pack or dive bag each.
  • One rifle each.
  • One box of food.

No other gear, unless you are prepared to pay for a second load. We will remove items if you overload, so make sure you are within the limits before you arrive.

Please remember your own body weight must also be considered. The MAX LOAD is 400kgs - remember it's your butt in the seat too!!

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On the day of your flight

AHNZL hold all necessary concessions to operate in the Forest Parks and have serviced the Tararua, Rimutaka Forest Parks since 1987, our company has worked closely with the Department of Conservation over the years and both our Directors share a strong conservation ethic.

A Word Of Warning

Weather conditions in the parks can be unpredictable, extreme conditions can be experienced at any time of the year. Please ensure your party is properly equipped to accommodate these conditions. We suggest you fly your own coal or wood to the alpine huts as fuel for heating can be scarce.

John Royle, Hunting Guide

John Royle, Hunting Guide

NZ Hunting Guide

For both NZ North & South Island Hunting opportunities for Red Deer, Sika, Wapiti, Pigs, Chamois, Thar & Wallabies, John Royle is available for guided trips. John is an accomplished hunter and has taken many of AHNZL clients on successful hunts in the Southern Alps of the South Island. To learn more go to John's hunting website.

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